Design Criteria for Rubber Pipes

a) Pressure conditions

We design our components individually for the pressure conditions in your system. We take the following parameters into account:

  • Nominal pressure, abbreviated by „PN“ (Pressure Nominal)
    It is the design pressure of the component and represents the maximum permissible operating pressure.
  • Operating Pressure
    It is the pressure at which the pipe or pipeline is actually operated. In many cases the operating pressure is below the nominal pressure and can be used for an improved component design.
  • Vacuum
    If the pressure in the pipe falls below atmospheric pressure, we speak of a vacuum. The information is given in unit bar absolute or as a percentage, where 100% vacuum is equivalent with 0,00 bar absolute. Vacuum can also occur briefly in pressure lines when pumps are switched off or gate valves are closed.
GUR pipeline
GUR pipeline
Interior of a compensator
Interior of a compensator

b) Pumped medium

We select a suitable rubber compound for the inner wearing layer ("bore") and the cover of the component. The following criteria are decisive for the selection:

  • Type of medium
  • Temperature of the medium and
  • Ambient conditions , especially high temperatures or contact with oil.

We also consider special requirements for the electrical conductivity (electrically conductive or insulating) when selecting the rubber quality. We often use rubber compounds with the following types of rubber:

Type of rubber Shortcut General properties Temperature Used as
chloroprene rubber CR Very good UV, ozone and weather resistance, flame retardant 80°C cover
ethylene propylene
diene monomer rubber
EPDM Very good ozone and weather resistance,
good resistance to steam and many chemicals.
Not oil resistant.
(aqueous media)
inner bore, cover
nitrile butadiene rubber NBR Very good oil and fuel resistance.
Not ozone and weather resistant.
(aqueous media)
inner bore
natural rubber,
styrene-butadiene rubber
NR - SBR High elasticity, very abrasion-resistant,
conditionally oil-resistant, not weather-resistant
(aqueous media)
inner bore, cover