Special design

Our company provides Pipes GUR and hoses suited for almost all types of conveying of liquids, suspensions and solids. However it may happen, that the properties of the conveyed goods do not allow a trouble-free transport through the route. E.g. because they adhere to the wall or they are extremely abrasive or they freeze. For solving these problems special designs help, which can be combined with pipes and hoses.

for specific temperatures

isolation IS
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Rubber only has low heat conductivity — in comparison to steel the conductivity level is smaller by a factor of 100. Therefore rubber hoses are already, as a rule, heat insulating. For particularly high heat insulating requirements, for example for coolant hoses, additional insulation can be fitted. This is stretched over the length of the hose but does not over the ends so that the flanges and the connecting parts can be easily attached.

Insulating hoses are available up to NW 60. As a basic hose only the ones with a smooth surface are usable, e.g. ALLERIT TE, LS, LSG and NG. IS equipment is not suitable for GUR.

heat protection HU
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In steel works, foundries and similar plants hose are exposed to extreme stresses due to slag and metal splashes. For these applications they are protected from burning by heat protection jackets made of glass and ceramic. The smooth surface of the jackets enables the frozen melted mass to slide off so that the thermal stresses of the underlying rubber hose construction is alleviated. The insulating effect of the jacket is marginal.

HU equipment can be combined with hoses with a smooth surface such as ALLERT TE, LS, LSG and NG and also with GUR.

heating HZ
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oses are also used to transport tempered solutions and suspensions that would become solid at room temperature. So as to avoid freezing during downtimes, the hoses can be fitted with electrical trace heating. The built in heating power is variable in wider areas. The heating elements are built into the textile reinforcement area and are thus protected against damage. They come out at the end of the hose through the ceiling. The connection points can be designed according to the customers’ requirements.

The HZ design can only be combined with hoses that do not have a spiral and with GUR.

for adhesive materials

ripple ring RR
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Hoses with the additional equipment RR (ripple ring) are preferred in downpipes when sticky and adhesive material is to be transported. They feature one or more rings which are integrated into the textile reinforcing material and covered with sealant rubber protecting it from outside influences. Threaded bolts or plates that emerge from the ceiling are tightly attached to the ring. More of these can be distributed around the circumference. On the bolts or plates, movers or unbalanced exciters are attached which shake the hose. Thanks to the combination of two built in rings which are moved with different amplitudes or frequencies, a “shake-out effect” can be achieved.

RR equipment is suitable for flexible hoses with thin walls – they are not entirely suitable for GUR.

expansive hose DE
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Hoses with an extensional design are adapted to suit the supply pressure in the hose. Rises in pressure lead to the expansion of the hose which results in the removal of deposits and adhesive residue. The hose expands by 2-4%. This is enough to have the desired residue removal effect. Simple extensional hoses shorten themselves according to the pressure increase. The change from L has the same size as from D. This must be taken into account during assembly by the movable mounting of the ends of the hose.

For low operation pressures hoses with double extension properties are available. These expand with rising pressure – D as well as L. This allows the ends to be tightly assembled although precautions must be made to ensure that there is enough space for the hose to move as it grows in length.

In order to lay extensional hoses we require exact information regarding the operational and surrounding conditions.

DE equipment only is available for hoses without spirals; it cannot be combined with GUR.

outer profile AP
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This construction is a special development suited for conveying of stiching powders, eg. Carbon black and pigments. It is characterized by a low wall thickness and a large distance between the spiral windings. Pressure fluctuations during operation excite moving and vibrations of the hose wall, thus cleaning its inner surface. This hose also is suited for pneumatic transport under moderate vacuum.

The light weight and flexible construction of the hose requires special measures during mounting. To this we will give advice upon request.