Rubber hoses

Hoses are flexible connection elements for circuits that enable the flow of liquids, gases, suspensions or create vacuums. immuG Rohr + Schlauch GmbH provides the customer with various different hose designs that fit the requirements of a wide range of uses. The first selection criterion for a hose is the area in which it is to be used. Then it is decided whether a pressure hose, a suction hose or a suction pressure hose is required or one for transportation under normal pressure. In this catalogue the types of hoses are listed according to these criteria.

Rubber hoses are always called upon when the chemical and physical properties of the material to be transported require corrosion and abrasion-proof hose interiors. For these so-called cores we use optimised types of rubber depending on the area of application. Thanks to their many years of experience, immuG Rohr + Schlauch GmbH has access to a variety of proven rubber mixtures and has an extensive collection of formulas which can all be used to solve unusual problems when selecting a hose core.

Generally the selection of core rubber is decided on according to the type of material that is to be transported; if suspensions are involved the continuous phase is decisive. The recommended rubber materials for more usual transportable material are listed in the table. You find more detailed information in our resistance list. If predominantly abrasive properties are required of the core, specially optimised rubber mixtures with a high level of abrasion resistance are used. There is no general rule when it comes to selection; the hoses are chosen based on the individual requirements of the customer.