reducers und compensators GUR-KR

We offer pipe diameter reducers in a variety of designs. Our standard series are available in concentric (symmetric) and eccentric (asymmetric) designs with a slope of 1 : 3, i.e. a reduction angle of 9.5 ° on both sides or 18.9 ° on one side only.

Reducers are also available with other slopes on request. In some cases a surcharge for new tooling will be required.

Reducers for use adjacent to pumps can be supplied as compensating designs. GUR KR compensating reducers are fabricated with defined elongation behaviour. They therefore eliminate the need for the bellows compensators normally required between reducers and pipelines. KR compensating reducers exhibit superior abrasion resistance as compared to reducers made of other materials, due in part to the fact that rubber is not susceptible to cavitation damage.



Our standard-design reducers are equipped with type FL DIN flanges on both ends. We can also supply reducers equipped with flanges in accordance with other standards or customers’ specifications. In some instances a surcharge for new tooling will be required. The table below provides dimensional data for our standard reducers.

Please refer to our separate page for further detailed information on GUR-KR compensating reducers for applications in process equipment construction.

NWk [mm] o [mm] NWg [mm] p [mm]
100-300 200 150-350 150
350-500 250 400-600 150
600-1100 300 700-1200 200