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GUR Kit - manual

Construct with standard parts

GUR-kit shall provide a simple construction tool for designing of pipelines by you yourself, the user. It allows you easy and realistic as well as quick checking of procedural and structural variants of piping. Often, it will succeed so to complete the planning of a piping with the components of the Kit. The GUR-kit is a tool in the hand with which you can design components of the rubber pipe system yourself simply and quickly. If you operate 3-D CAD program, which can work with STEP - files (file extension .stp), then you have the prerequisites for working with the GUR-kit.

The kit contains the standard components for the construction of pipings with the rubber pipe system ranging from ND 65 to ND 400. For the construction of pipelines you import the .stp files of the desired components into the drawings of your 3-D CAD program. You can download the files you need from the site "GUR-Kit parts", after you have logged in.

Even non-standard is our standard

If you are unable to design fully your pipeline, because you are missing fitting components, we can help you completing the planning. From our experience, most of the problems occur on points of partition or merging pipelines. This especially if the spatial conditions are unfavourable. Individually designed components are needed for the realization of the desired piping which are not included in this kit. In these cases, we ask you to send us your design sketch as .stp - file. We then draw up a proposal for the solution of the problem and agree it with you. Following, you will receive our offer, which includes also the special components.

GUR Kit - parts this manual as pdf

Importing the 3D-models

STEP_Import3 STEP_Import2 STEP_Import1 Pipelines are constructed by adding together the components via the faces of the flanges. We deem it useful that the insertion points are the midpoints of the sealing surfaces. The pictures should give an impression of the workflow. Since there is a variety of different 3-D CAD programs with individual operating philosophy, we can give no precise instructions for the handling of the component files. The manuals of the programme will give you certainly helpful hints for dealing with .stp files.

The file name of the individual components is our article number at the same time. If you list after their construction, which components = article numbers were used in your model, we can give you a quote for the designed pipe based on this list.